Details of the case I-101, Batla House, Jamia Nagar


  1.  Unauthorized and illegal multi story construction at I-101, Batla House, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, which was carried out just adjacent of the house of the petitioner  in the year 2000. Photograph of the site is as follows:
  2. On 05.02.2000 Hon’ble Court has granted the stay order with the direction to the police to implement it’s order.
  3.  A BC of Hauz Qazi, having 21 serious criminal cases filed against him claimed himself to be the owner of the land in question and filled complaint no. 92/1 of 2012 against the petitioner on the charges of extortion. Which was later quashed by Hon’ble High Court.
  4. On 14/09/2015 a lady named Asma Parveen Alias Bhoori w/o land mafia Anwar Alias Tillipada, emerged as claimant of the land and started construction without compliance of the order and made similar calls to the PCR accusing the petitioner, but police found it as fake and baseless claim. Then the applicant has filled a CM in in Court against this lady as there was apprehension that she may implicate the petitioner in false case/s in order to bargain and allow them to carry out their illegal activities.
  5. Status of site on 20/23 January 2017 as follows:  
  6. 21 Jan 2017 applicant called PCR as bulidng mafia started illegal construction on stayed land. Thereafter he was directed to meet Mr. Vijay Pal Singh, SHO, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, given him the complain and copy of Stay order and explained him the matter. The fearlessness of criminals can be ascertained by this fact that while applicant wet to meet SHO in Police Station itself he was threatened to face dire consequences and family was threatened to be killed. Recording for the same is available.
  7. Applicant filed complain with SHO, ACP, DCP, Commissioner of Police, MCD, Chief Justice High Court, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Prime Minister and others.
  8. Police has registered FIR on false charges in connivance with builder mafia against the applicant and his son and threatened them not to complain against the illegal construction.
  9. Reply by Office of Hon’ble Prime Minister:
  10. Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) wrote SHO to stop illegal construction. Letter dt. 10.2.2017 is as follows:

11. Status of site on 13.02.2016. Dangerous illegal construction against stay order going on in full swing:

12. Status of site on 14.02.2016. Dangerous illegal construction against stay order going on in full swing:

13. Status of site on 15.02.2016. Dangerous illegal construction against stay order going on in full swing:


14. on 16.02.2017 Applicant has filed contempt petition in Court. Hon’ble Court has issued contempt notice by taking into account the developments against SHO. Jamia Nagar, MCD and Culprits.

15. Irony of Police can be seen by not stopping dangerous illegal and unauthorized construction. Progress of site on 17/02/2017:

16. Daily photographs were shared with Senior Officers, including DCP (South East), but no action has been taken inspite of Contempt Notice issued by Court. Instead applicant is threatened by the Mafia. Photograph of work going on in full swing is as follows:

17. Photograph dt 20/02/2017 of work going on in full swing is as follows:

18. Letter by Hon’ble Member of Parliament to Commissioner of Police for action:

19. On 27 Feb 2017 3rd Floor getting ready, in almost 6 days 2 floors ready after contempt of court:


20.  Two floors finishes inspite of stay order and contempt of court notice (photograph with newspaper):

Feeling ashamed of thinking of corrupt police and ineffective  as well as unrespected judiciary.


21. Huge cracks started surfacing in adjacent homes:


22. Demolition by Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) at second floor of illegal building on 21/3/2017 at 3:09 PM:

23.  Threat against petitioner’s family including female family members to outrage the modesty by using abusive language by Asma alias Bhoori (builder) on  22/03/2017, who reached the sport with her accomplices to prevent the him from pursuing the Court case. Following is the recording:



Bhoori (criminal) alongwith her accomplices attacked the Petitioner and family members of family on 23/03/2017 to prevent him from approaching the Court


25. Letter from Shri Maheish Girri Ji, Hon’ble Member of Parliament dt. 11.03.2017 received, informing complainant that he will be informed about the action taken on his complain. Letter is as following: