Delhi Police, Builder Mafia and Criminal Nexus – Flouting Hon’ble Supreme Court Order openly in Jamia Nagar

Delhi Police and Builder Nexus      

Letter Sent to Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India; Uma Bharti, Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources of India; Shri Jagdish S. Khehar, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court;  Smt. G Rohini, Hon’ble Chief Justice, High Court – Delhi; Shri Anil Baijal, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi; Commissioner – Central Vigilance Commission; Director, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI); Commissioner of Police – Delhi; Vice Chairman, Delhi Development Authority (DDA)-Delhi; Shri Puneet Goyal, Commissioner of MCD; Shri Romil Baaniya, Deputy Commissioner of Police; Media, News Channels for High Level Enquiry


Shri Narendra Modi Ji

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,                                                    By Email / Hand

152, South Block, Raisina Hill,                                                      Dated: 27.01.2017

New Delhi-110011


Subject: Request to order high level enquiry in illegal and unauthorized construction by forging the papers, blatant violation of Justice Bhure Lal Committee constituted by Hon’ble Supreme Court, Stay granted and orders passed in various other cases by openly allowing illegal construction on the banks of Yamuna river, encroachment on government lands and contempt of Hon’ble High Court openly. The complainants are harassed by the Police by getting them booked in false cases in connivance with the builder mafia.


Respected Sir,

I am submitting facts in brief as following and I can provide sufficient proofs in order to establish prima facie as and when required:

  1. On 05.02.2000 Hon’ble Civil Court has granted stay on carrying out illegal construction on property No. I-101, Muradi Rd., Batla House in suit No. 89/2000 in the matter of S M M Vs. M. S. filed by the applicant. The Hon’ble court was please to grant stay as “therefore, defendant no 1 to 3 are hereby restrained from carrying out any construction against the sanctioned plan……Accordingly, the officer in charge of local police station is directed to extend the ..if required for implementing the order”.
  2. On 16.03.2000 M. S. has gave in writing in Court that “We will not carry out any construction in violation of BBL and sanctioned building plan in the suit premises.” Same was requested by the applicant as well.
  3. After that Salim has sold the land and cycle of harassment of applicant and his family has started by anti social and goonda elements as well as builder mafia, in connivance with the police, which is continued till date. In this regard applicant has wrote to and filed complaint with Hon’ble Home Minister, and met with Lieutenant Governor, Commissioner of Police and others alongwith the proofs.
  4. On 12.07.2012 Naved alias Tipu, a BC of Hauz Qazi after attacking on the life of the applicant filed case of false case of extortion in the Court of MM having No. 92/1 of 2012 with the fake name of Zubair. As per the ownership document that he has submitted in the Court it was claimed that he had bought the property from the Mr. Azmat who was Personal Secretary of former Health Minister Mr. Salim Sherwani. Against the case applicant has filed Criminal Writ Petition No.546/2014, and outcome of it was that Hon’ble High Court has cleared the applicant of the false charges levied against him vide it’s order dated 18.04.2016 and observed that “In view of the foregoing, it is evident that the said complaint being CC No.92 of 2012 is an attempt to muzzle the petitioner by vested interest,…..Consequently, the said complaint being CC No.92/1 of 2012 is an abuse of the process of law and is accordingly set aside and hereby quashed.” It is relevant to mention that that applicant was implicated in false case which was quashed by Hon’ble High Court when he tried to stop the illegal construction on this same land i.e. I-101, Batla House, Jamia Nagar, new Delhi-25.
  5. On 14.09.2015 present claimant of the land Asma alias Bhoori who is wife Anwar Qureshi alias Tilli-pada who is famous builder and accused in several criminal cases, in connivance with local Police started harassing the applicant and his family. The high handedness and extreme disregard of law for these people can ascertained by this fact that they are constructing several buildings which were sealed on the order of Hon’ble Courts or demolished on Court’s order. In order to avoid harassment by these goonda elements applicant has decided to surrender the Stay back to Hon’ble Court as a protest and gave application in Police Station Jamia Nagar on 13.09.2015 (DD No. 71B). But at that time on the assurance of Mr. Randhawa, DCP, applicant hadn’t took any further step.
  6. The applicant has made apprehension that time that lady alongwith her gang in connivance of the local police may try to implicate the applicant and his family in the case and that has happened now when Police lodged the fabricated FIR No.58/2017 u/s 354, 506, 509, 323, 324. After applicant called the Police informing them about illegal construction that criminals has again started on 22 Jan 2017.

  7. On the basis of documents submitted in Court and personal information applicant has received, still the owner of the land is Mr. Azmat who resides in Gali No. 22, Zakir Nagar, New Delhi and he has bought from some person who was resident of Tughlakabad. Because the 3 names who were mentioned as claimants i.e. Nadeem who is owner of Rice shop, himself has told that neither he is owner of the land no has made any payment for it. 2. The name Zubair is fake and his real name is Naved alias Tipu, about his applicant has mentioned in Court as ” That it is clearly fraudulent act when applicant saw name of complainant Zuber. First time this name came to knowledge publicly in the kalandara against applicant.. when in front of Shri R.K.Tripathi, Senior Civil Judge Saket Court, New Delhi C.S(OS) No. 3382 of 2012 filled Affidavit as Naved@Tipu and as per record of PS Hauz Qazi he is History sheater no.553 and has his name mentioned as B.C. Mohd. Naved@ Tipu. In such a condition, it is self proved that he is active in crime with different name. and claiming to innocent, because any body will search criminal record the name by his know name.” 3. Salman – a Biryani vendor, whose name hadn’t surfaced, also Nadeem and Salman are not in the position to purchase the property mentioned. It indicates that like several other cases with connivance of local police land is grabbed using forged document and illegal construction is carried out.
  8. Since 22.01.2017 applicant is calling PCR, met SHO – Jamia Nagar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police and explained them about the harassment applicant and his family is facing inspite of being senior citizen as well as illegal construction carried out by builder mafia i.e. Asma alias Bhoori and her husband Anwar alias Tillipada, his brother in law and other gang members against stay and is putting the adjacent houses at risk of getting damaged and life of applicant’s family members at risk. Applicant has also made complain to MCD Control Room No. 23220016 on 27.01.2017 and filed complain having no. GRV/CNZ/2017/093194, but the illegal construction is continuously going on day and night, without even stopping a single minute.

Therefore, you are humble requested to order high level enquiry in the above stated matter as well as order enquiry into the source of income, links with anti nationals and huge illegal wealth amassed by the builder mafia with no known source of income, who are believed to be involved in anti-national activities and has income from unaccounted sources.

The criminals are so fearless that they have threatened in front of SHO in police station to kill the applicant and his family. Recording of the same is also available. The local Police personnel also threatened applicant and his family as well. Not only this applicant and his family is constantly living in fear and avoid going out as most of the time the criminals keep surrounding the home.

I am compelled to say that if myself and my family will keep suffering, getting tortured, abused and harmed on the hands of Building Mafia (recordings are available) and anti national elements in connivance with the Police (who has recently framed the false case about which apprehension was raised by applicant a year back). I shall be left with no alternative but to surrender the stay order before Hon’ble Supreme Court as protest, as we are losing hope in judiciary. No one in the system is bothered to pay heed to the order passed by the Court and a single person cannot fight so many persons and officials who are neck deep in corruption, hand on gloves with Mafia and anti national elements, has disregard of order of Hon’ble Court and don’t even bother to implement it at all.

I shall be thankful if you can spare few minutes from your valuable time, so that matter can be explained to you. Thanking you in anticipation.



Yours Sincerely,


Editor in Chief,, A world renowned News Portal

Mobile No. 9213344558

Email: [deleted]


Copy of previous request dt.  26 Jan 2017 is also enclosed for necessary action.


Copy to:

  1. Shri Jagdish S. Khehar, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court
  2. Smt. Uma Bharti, Hon’ble Minister of Water Resources of India
  3. Smt. G Rohini, Hon’ble Chief Justice, High Court – Delhi
  4. Shri Anil Baijal, Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi
  5. Commissioner, Central Vigilance Commission
  6. Director, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
  7. Commissioner of Police, Delhi
  8. Vice Chairman, Delhi Development Authority (DDA)
  9. Shri Puneet Goyal, Commissioner of MCD
  10. Shri Romil Baaniya, Deputy Commissioner of Police.
  11. Media, News Channels





By Hand/Email

Dated: 26 Jan 2017


Sub.: Request for appointment to submit evidences explaining violation of Hon’ble Supreme Court, High Courts and Law in Okhla Constituency with reference to the pilot project to make it Ideal Constituency

Respected Sir,

This is with reference to instruction issued from Hon’ble LG’s office to you, and subsequent letter issued by DCP (South East-Delhi) having No 8063/S-35/AC-I/HAC/SED dated 19/12/2016 in response to our letter dated 14.09.2016 regarding putting all possible efforts in order to make Okhla Parliamentary Constituency as “Adarsh Vidhan Sabha” (Ideal constituency) as pilot project of the A world renowned News Portal having comprehensive reach with the target of reach atleast 25 crores citizen of India by News Channel, News Service, Portal and Social Media. In this regard we took several steps to cover various aspects including law enforcement etc. After putting preliminary efforts we came across the fact that law enforcement agencies in the year 2016-17 has crossed all the boundaries and blatantly and openly violated orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court and Hon’ble High Court, Rules, Regulation and established fundamental rights of the people of the area i.e. Police Station, Jamia Nagar.

Inspite of the instructions of Senior Officers of Police and other agencies including office of Hon’ble Governor, the law enforcing agency refuse to cooperate and started harassing. Following are some of the serious findings of the investigations carried out by us:

  1. Serious Violation of Justice Bhoore Lal Committee’s action and recommendation specially in this Okhla Constituency.
  2. Violation of orders of SC on the PIL H.C Mehta and others in this area.
  3. Violation of HC and others Courts orders. More than 100’s of buildings which were sealed or demolished on Hon’ble Court’s order were again made with the connivance of Builder Mafia and Local Police.
  4. Violation of the fundamental rights of applicant and others by harassing and torturing by criminals in connivance with local police. So, that illegal activities serious in nature carried out by criminals in connivance of police, can’t be exposed and brought to justice. Even life and properties of senior citizens are not safe.

Therefore, you are requested to kindly spare few minutes from your valuable time to meet the applicant / delegation, so that steps taken to make Okhla area an Ideal Constituency can be explained you and evidences proving prima facie can be submitted. You are also requested to order for high level enquiry.

I shall be grateful to you for your kind consideration.

With warm regards.




Mobile: 9213344558

E-Mail: [deleted]